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Clwb Rotari Aberaeron Rotary Club A'r Cylch


Rotary Working In the Community, With the Community and For the Community’

‘Serving Local Communities Since 2003’

If you would like to join in with a real and true Rotary Club with a proud past history, meet face to face, in the area and surrounding district, please contact Malcolm 07967-116632 or John 07971-101493.

There are three ways to get involved with Rotary: -

FRIEND OF ROTARY - this is FREE and involves no formal commitment to attend meetings;

ASSOCIATE MEMBER - this involves an annual fee of £50.00. This is when someone wishes to attend meetings and events with a view to become a full member. Payments made are deducted from the cost of the first years full membership subscriptions; or

FULL MEMBER - this costs £120.00 per year





Make sure that you know that a true Rotary Club has the interest of the local communities and its members being foremost in how it works and supports others.


Aberaeron Club has been inclusive in that all members are consulted and make the decisions in offering assistance to local groups, charities and individuals.


The actions of the Club can be judged by the Aberaeron & District Dementia Forum being championed to improve the quality of life for those suffering from Dementia and their Carers.


You can make a difference by joining us as a Rotary Friend, an Associate Member or a Full Member.

ROTARY Dates for July

 04/07/2024   -    Business Meeting

06/07/2024   -    Street Collection Aberaeron

11/07/2024   -    Fellowship Social Evening

18/07/2024   -    Speaker Evening

25/07/2024   -    Fellowship Social Evening

27/07/2024   -    ‘Aeron Fest’, Aberaeron

LATEST NEWS: Our Club Secretary, John Dymott completed his fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society on Saturday 22nd June, 2024. He completed a walk of 28.5 miles in 11hours and 51minutes, which included rest stops, raising £1,250.00. Congratulations and he deserves a well-earned rest. If you wish you can still donate through John’s ‘Just Giving’ page,


On the 6th July we will be on the streets in Aberaeron collecting for Hywel Dda Health Charities. The charitable donations that are received don’t replace NHS funding. They are used to provide services and activities above and beyond core NHS expenditure such as:


  • Extra patient comforts

  • Most up-to-date medical equipment

  • More welcoming surroundings for patients, families and staff

  • Staff training, development and wellbeing initiatives

  • Enhanced care in our local communities.


Supporters can choose to donate or fundraise for general charitable purposes or for a specific service or hospital.


On Saturday 27th July the Club will be erecting their Coconut Shy at ‘Aeron Fest’, in Aberaeron. The Club will also be providing sponsorship for the Children’s Area at the event. Come and see us and see if you can win a coconut. Funds raised will be used for local groups and charities.


Come along and meet us and see how things should be done in Rotary.


Come and meet us and see what you can do for your local Communities


Dates for June


06/06/2024   -    Business Meeting

13/06/2024   -    Fellowship Social Evening

20/06/2024   -    Speaker Evening

27/06/2024   -    Fellowship Social Evening

On the 8th May the Members of Clwb Rotari Aberaeron Rotary Club A’r Cylch attended the funeral of their good friend and loyal Rotarian Ernie Gunner. As a long serving Rotarian it was sad to see that, other than one member of Aberystwyth Rotary Club attending, there was no other representatives of Rotary present. However, it was good to see that there was a large contingent of members from the Newquay Bowls Club present resplendent in their club blazers. The final good bye will be when Club members accompany Ernie’s relatives to scatter his, and his wife Barbara’s, ashes in Shropshire.


Following the submission of Freedom of Information requests to Hywel Dda the Club is building on the community project for Dementia sufferers and carers.Watch out for your real Rotary Club serving Aberaeron and District over the next few months raising funds for local projects


Clwb Rotari Aberaeron Rotary Club A’r Cylch is a Club that cares for its members and is like a family helping each other out as well as others.


Come along and meet us and see how things should be done. Put forward your ideas for projects in Aberaeron and the surrounding area. You won’t need a computer or a tablet. We believe that you should meet face to face. COVID proved, what everyone knows, that the majority of people need actual physical contact. However, some people found hiding behind technology promoted their ability to control any agenda removing consultation with members and any democratic processes.


Dates for May


02/05/2024   -    Business Meeting

09/05/2024   -    Fellowship Social Evening

16/05/2024   -    Speaker Evening

23/05/2024   -    Fellowship Social Evening

30/05/2024   -    Fellowship Social Evening


Get in touch with us and the local communities


Clwb Rotari Aberaeron Rotary Club A’r Cylch has to report the sad death of Ernie Gunner, a much loved and founder member of the Club. Ernie was diagnosed with Leukaemia in March 2023. He was a true and very loyal Rotarian who was engaged and involved in community activities to the very end. He served the local communities from 2002 and was also a great supporter of Cymuned Pennant Community along with his wife Barbara, who sadly died following a stroke, in July 2023.


Ernie stayed true to the Club through two recent bad times, instigated by people who claimed to be Rotarians, and whose conduct and behaviour fell far below of what should reasonably be expected. His love and devotion to the Club meant that this caused him upset and anxiety as he had been hoping to receive recognition of his long service. He did not want the people who left to close his Club and would not join the Club, that was set up by them, also operating in Aberaeron. The true Rotarians who were left in the Club got together and, with Ernie taking on the role of Treasurer, the Club continues today. As a result the Club was able to apply for a certificate honouring his 47 years of membership which Ernie received in October 2023. This was accompanied by a letter from the Rotary International President. He was very proud of these two items and they became his most prized possessions.


Clwb Rotari Aberaeron Rotary Club A’r Cylch is a Club that cares for its members and is like a family helping each other as well as others


Dates for April

04/04/2024   -    Business Meeting

11/04/2024   -    Fellowship Social Evening

18/04/2024   -    Speaker Evening

25/04/2024   -    Fellowship Social Evening

Clwb Rotari Aberaeron Rotary Club A’r Cylch are looking for local people who can commit some of their time to helping others. There will be no cost to you and no regular commitment is required. The projects are all local to help people live a better life. Also, you may have a project that you would want to undertake which we could help you with.


We are what people, who think that they are being progressive, old fashioned as we meet face to face. This is unlike the ‘keyboard warriors’ when a person(s) can control what happens. An important element of any Rotary Club should be fellowship. You get to know each other well and this builds up trust and understanding. Unfortunately our Club has had recent experience when members failed the test for being a true Rotarian.


The Club is pursuing a Dementia Project, with local partners, and want to champion and improve the quality of life for those suffering from Dementia and their Carers.

Dates for March

07/03/2024   -    Business Meeting

14/03/2024   -    Fellowship Social Evening

21/03/2024   -    Speaker Evening

28/03/2024   -    Fellowship Social Evening


Aberaeron Rotary Club meet in the heart of Aberaeron at 7.00pm on 1st & 3rd Thursdays of the month at The Castle Hotel, Market Street, Aberaeron.


Aberaeron Rotary Club is now meeting in the heart of Aberaeron serving the Aberaeron & District. Why not come and join a true Rotary Club with a proud history. You will find others who do not wish to look back. We meet face to face, with no impersonal technology or control over meetings by others. Please contact Malcolm 07967-116632 or John 07971-101493.






The inaugural meeting of the Aberaeron & District Dementia Forum took place on Thursday 12th October at the Memorial Hall in Aberaeron.


There were representatives from Ray Ceredigion, Aberaeron Friendship Group, Ceredigion County Council, Dyfed Powys Police, Wales Ambulance Service Trust and Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations (CAVO).


Presentations were made concerning the present state of Dementia based initiatives for clients and carers, followed by a questions and answers session. Further meetings will follow to build up a network of resources and support.


Dates for November

02/11/2023   -    Business Meeting

9/11/2023     -    Fellowship & Social Evening

16/11/2023   -    Speaker Evening

23/11/2023   -    Fellowship & Social Evening

30/11/2023   -    Fellowship & Social Evening



In the next few weeks there will be news of a major project for the Aberaeron & District Communities and about Your Rotary Club.


Dates for October

05/10/2023   -    Business Meeting

12/10/2023   -    Fellowship & Social Evening

19/10/2023   -    Speaker Evening

26/10/2023   -    Fellowship & Social Evening


Meetings are now being held at The Castle Hotel, Market Street, Aberaeron, at 7.30pm on 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. We support local charities, groups and organisations.


If you would like to join the Rotary Club serving the Aberaeron & District and meet face to face, with no impersonal technology, please contact Malcolm 07967-116632 or John 07971-101493. AClub with a proud history.









A Bubbles & Berries social fundraising event was held on Sunday 23rd July, 2023 at Pennant Community Centre. The event was a resounding success with a few glasses of prosecco being drank and many strawberries eaten, making it a very pleasant afternoon. A total of £183.00 was raised for local, charities, groups and deserving causes.


With a continuing busy summer of activities the Club members will be out on the streets of Abeaeron on Saturday 19th August collecting for the Alzheimer’s Society. This is in support of the Club’s Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease project to raise awareness, and support, for those affected with these conditions, along with their Carers.


This will be followed by the Club’s annual support of Aberaeron Carnival Day on Monday 28th August, on our usual pitch with bric-a-brac, books, tombola, lollipop game, coconut shy and other games. We are hoping to have trauma bears, that can be sponsored for the Ukraine Appeal  which is being led by Penparcau Community Hub. Make sure you come along and join in the fun.


If you are looking for assistance or support with a community project in or around the Aberaeron area please email:  or contact Malcolm 07967-116632 or John 07971-101493, with details.


7.30pm 20th July, 2023 at Pennant Community Centre

Following on from the speaker evening on  Thursday 15th June, 2023, and the presentation made by Phil Westbury and Jenny Jenkins regarding aid to Ukraine the Rotary meeting on 20th July will provide the opportunity for people to drop off any aid for the Ukraine project at Penparcau Community Hub in Aberystwyth.


Aberaeron Rotary Club, in conjunction with Cymuned, will be using the Community Centre to collect any aid and as a point of contact for the surrounding area.


If you have any items that you wish to donate please contact Malcolm on 07967-116632 or email


Thursday 20th July, 2023


The Rotary meeting on 20th July provided an opportunity for people to drop off any aid, for the Ukraine project at Penparcau Community Hub in Aberystwyth, at Pennant Community Centre.


Following a press release and circulation via Facebook, Cymuned newsletter and website, people supported the event with the donation of men’s, ladies’ and children’s clothes and shoes; first aid kits and materials; medication; items for personal hygiene; walking sticks and crutches; tools and tool boxes; chainsaw; angle grinder; and strimmer.


This was all delivered by Malcolm Sumner and Ian Lampert on Friday morning to Jenny at Penparcau Community Hub. Another load is being prepared for delivery in about three weeks.


There will be a change in emphasis, after the next consignment of aid goes out. There will be very few vehicles going out so the means of transport will no longer be available. First Aid supplies and medication would still be welcome but no clothing.

Bed sheets are always welcome because these are dyed and used to make camouflage covers.


The main focus will change to fundraising so that people, on the ground, can have money available to buy goods from Poland so no transport costs are incurred. So, if you are able, more trauma bears would be welcome.


06/09/2023   -   Dementia & Network Seminar. Venue, time and this date to be confirmed.

22 & 23/12/2023 -   Aberaeron Christmas Street collection for the Wales Air Ambulance Trust


We meet ‘Face to face’ as this is the only way to truly get to know people and socialise. The sterile atmosphere rising form the use of media does nothing for bonding and the most important element of Rotary, fellowship. Also, what is aid and who can speak is controlled.


Everyone has talents or skills that could be utilised in our community. We all learn from each other and in turn learn new skills. There is a great deal of self-satisfaction in getting involved and helping others. Contact Malcolm Sumner for further information.

All of the Communities are our priority. Well-being has been under estimated. This has become evident since COVID and now from the cost of living rises. It affects family life along with mental and physical health. Why not see how you can help.


We are concentrating the Club’s efforts to set-up the Aberaeron & District Community Network and, working with a local partner Cymuned Pennant  to provide any assistance we can in the present economic climate. To this end we are also working with Community Connectors, within Ceredigion County Council, the Alzheimer's Society and Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations.


Community and Well-being are our priority. Why not see how you can help?

There is always an open invitation to join us at Pennant Community Centre at 7.30pm on 1st Thursday of the month (Business Meeting) and 3rd Thursday of the month ('Open Speaker' Evening). Other Thursday evenings are made up with social evenings, visits or any activity that wifh to undertake. The Club is very flexible and encourages everyone to get involved.


If you would like to join in with a real Rotary Club, meet face to face, in the area and surrounding district, please contact Malcolm 07967-116632 or John 07971-101493.

For further information please contact us on 07967-116632 or via Email:


Follow us on Facebook:

or our Website:



Why not see what you can do to help. Our community, in and around Pennant, made a big difference when we were collecting aid for Romania.


JUNE 2023

On the 15th June we had two guest speakers Phil Westbury and Jenny Jenkins, from Penparcau Community Hub. They have both been involved in the delivery of vehicles and aid to Ukraine. Vehicles are purchased for civil defence and converted to be used as Ambulances. As they were being delivered empty it was decided to utilise any space to deliver much needed and vital aid. They are both very passionate and committed for this cause. 


We had a very pleasant evening on our visit to the Rotary Club of Carmarthen Tywi. We had some very interesting exchanges of ideas and updated them on our Club relating to District matters.


Meetings held at Pennant Community Centre at 7.30pm on 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. We support local businesses and organisations. The Club is very flexible and encourages everyone to get involved from the very start










 Why not come along and see what we do. You may be surprised!!

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