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News and Updates

Here within these pages you will find all the Village News and News Items around the area.
You will also be able to open and download copies of the Newsletters - current and past.

If you make News, have a special day/celebration or have an event to publicise then let us know. We can feature YOUR News on these pages.



The changeover from analogue phone service to all digital has been delayed from 2025 to 2027.


For most people upgrading to digital services should be straightforward.  Moving to a digital phone line means that your phone service will be delivered over the internet, similar to Zoom or Skype.

Where an Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband service is available you’ll be upgraded from an analogue phone line to a digital one when you place an order and request a phone service or sign up to a new contract, whether you’re changing provider, upgrading or re-grading.


By 31st January 2027 service providers will need to migrate most analogue telephone lines to digital phone lines. That's 7 million lines and channels across the UK. Some service providers may choose to upgrade their customers sooner, so you might see this reflected in their product offerings. We recommend that you check what’s available on your service provider’s website.


Please note that BT is in the process of moving customers with broadband, mobile and home phones from BT to EE. Information is being sent out to all customers.




Currently there is ‘Cost of Living Support - Ceredigion County Council- webpage and monthly Cost-of-Living Bulletin that is shared with you all.


There are still Warm / Welcome Spaces in Ceredigion being run in Ceredigion. These will continue to be run over the summer months and a map, showing their locations, is available on the Ceredigion Council website. Pennant is continuing to make facilities available twice a week on Tuesdays between 2.00pm and 4.00pm and, incorporated in the Coffee Mornings, on Thursday between 9.30am and 12.00pm.


The issue of the rising cost of living would appear to be continuing and it does not feel as if things will improve in the near future. Towards this end this is partly why the old bus shelter, in Pennant, could be used to provide free food to those who need assistance.


The Warm / Welcome Spaces in Ceredigion are an ideal solution to make sure that local residents know about the support that they are entitled to. All of the Ceredigion Council Bulletins have been shared with everyone in the Community via Email, Newsletter and on the Website. It would be great if there was some feedback regarding any other suggested means of providing information or assistance.


For further information or assistance there are drop in sessions that are run by Age Cymru, Citizens Advice and the Ceredigion Council.



Following the completion of the works at the Community Centre, in November 2019 we have been attracting a lot of interest in using the facilities.

We would always look to support new community led groups or functions but, would also have to consider all other applications so that your Centre is fully utilised to cover running costs and expenditure.

Members are able to book a room for £6.00 per hour, £10.00 for non-members & commercial hires. There would be further charges for the use of another room or the use of the extensive kitchen facilities. Charges would also relate to use of electrical equipment, projectors and computer.

If you have any ideas or queries for groups or functions, to be held at your Community Centre, please contact the newsletter editor.

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