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Cymuned Pennant Community Board of Trustee Directors

Name and Position

Dafydd Edwards


Ian Lampert


Malcolm Sumner


Gill Evans


Denise Yard





COVID does not appear to be that far behind us but it would appear to still be keeping people away or  there still a fear factor about meeting people or being in crowds.


This year saw the demise of Cymuned Pennant Community’s co-operation with the Aeron Valley Group. There was much promised to start with but unfortunately this was not how it transpired. We wholly supported the Group in providing, advice, along with facilities for them to obtain grants and allowing use of our banking account. However, there was an incompatibility in the use of grants. All grants Cymuned obtain are used for the benefit of the users or invested in facilities/equipment or the Community Centre. No one receives payments, other than out of pocket expenses, which are not generally claimed. As a result Alex and Clare resigned as directors/trustees.


We also lost two founder members from the team, John and Elaine Bradshaw (tribute on page 3). As a result we recruited two new members to the management team, Gill Evans and Denise Yard. They have been doing a fantastic job with the Youth Club, which is going from strength to strength.


The use of the Centre is not back up to pre-COVID levels, but it still stands out a probably the best equipped Community Centre in the area and it will be used for new activities, or private hires in 2024.


Perhaps you have an idea of how to utilise your Community Centre?


The work, funded from the £10,000 lottery grant, was commenced from 5th August, 2019. This involved taking down the partition in the hall; laying insulation and a new floor; rewiring the hall; sealing and fixing boards around room to prevent draughts; raising entrance door; painting all the walls and doors; new suspended ceilings and low energy led lighting; and fitting a surround sound system. This meant that the work was not fully completed until 18th November. This was a mammoth task undertaken primarily by volunteers. Thank you to everyone who helped.

GRANT (March 2019)


Cymuned has been awarded a £10,000 grant to carry out works on your community centre. These works will most likely be carried out during August, 2019. This may require a short closure. More news to follow.


Now in our 10th Year the Management Team are still trying to find any grants or funds that can be used to insulate, heat and upgrade the facilities at your Community Centre. Any ideas or help would be much appreciated.

The Big Lottery Fund appears to have turned its back on helping communities and appears to be supporting projects that are commercial enterprises. Also we would not be sufficiently high profile for the Lottery Fund to gather a large amount of publicity for them.


This Year, 2017, is the 9th Year for the Pennant Community Project. The Community ‘Spirit’ is still strong but requires our new residents to join in to sustain the future of your Community and the Centre.


What stands Pennant in good stead is that

‘Together we make things happen and that little bit better for Everyone’

‘Our Community working together is always stronger’


Let us do what we have always done up until now, ‘Get Things Done’.

Outline of Project / Initiative:

The aim of this community project is to set up a sustainable Community Centre for the residents and surrounding populous of Pennant village, Llanon, Ceredigion.


An organisation, Cymuned Pennant Community, came into being after the closure of Pennant Village School following the end of the school term in July 2009. Following the closure process, by Ceredigion County Council, the building ceased being a school in April 2010.


There had been a need for a community facility identified, some years previously, following the closure of the village pub in 2004, but there were no suitable buildings or land available to develop.


In November 2010 the local shop/post office closed. Also, there is no longer a regular local bus service available to the village.


The community, and various community groups, were allowed by Ceredigion County Council to use the old school premises free of charge up to 1st September 2010.


On the 7th July 2010 the community group became a company limited by guarantee, Cymuned Pennant Community Limited, a not for profit organisation.

The organisation’s chairman is local County Councillor, Dafydd Edwards. There are 7 other ‘volunteer’ Directors who run the organisation and all meetings are open to the public.

On the 14th November 2011, Cymuned Pennant Community was entered on the register of charities by the Charities Commission. All the Directors then became Trustees.


Timescale of project / initiative:


The project is to provide a sustainable Community facility that can be utilised for many years to come.


This project was commenced when we took over the old school premises on 1st September 2010. We were able to charge for the use of the premises but became solely responsible for the maintenance and service charges. It was granted rent free for the first 12 months.

Ceredigion County Council have agreed to the sale of the former school premises to Cymuned Pennant Community Limited. The old school premises has now been purchased through a Ceredigion County Council Community Capital Grant along with generous donations from the Community.


Funds for the re-development and refurbishment of the building are being sought through a ‘Big Lottery’ Grant and other Foundations.

We received a Development Grant from the Big Lottery Fund which enabled plans to be drawn up, and approved by Ceredigion County Council, for the re-development and extension of the old school building.

This project will affect and improve the community and has been fully evaluated.


The community facility will be used to provide training, leisure and fitness for the disabled, elderly, children and young persons. It will also provide new skills and educational opportunities to everyone. The social element of the project is also of great importance, as there are no other facilities that serve the community. The social elements will help reduce any individuals feeling of isolation and encourage social interaction. People will be encouraged to take on challenges and responsibilities to improve their self-esteem and worth. Vulnerable individuals will have positive experiences thus enhancing their confidence and general well-being.


Evaluation of the project is validated through the number of visitors using the Centre, monthly public meetings and through community surveys.






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