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Forthcoming Events


2.00pm on Sunday 11th February 2024


There will be a ‘Jamming Session’, which is a musical event, being held at the Community Centre, commencing at 2.00pm on Sunday 11th February. This is not a structured music concert.


A jamming Session is defined as: -

‘a gathering or performance in which musicians play together informally without any preparation.


Bring along any instrument, including your voice for anyone who feels like singing along.


Refreshments will be available.


This could become a regular feature through the year and be a forerunner to the re-introduction of ‘Live Events’. Hope to see you there.


 7.30pm Thursday 29th February, 2024

A date for your diaries, 7.30pm on Thursday 29th February, 2024, there will be a presentation by representatives for Blood Bikes who are based in Aberystwyth.


At Blood Bikes Wales they are geared up to provide a completely free courier service for the NHS, relying solely on volunteers and donations to offer this service. This is not possible without your support.


Blood Bikes Wales is a 100% volunteer charity based in Wales, providing completely free courier service to the NHS, delivering blood samples, plasma, donated human milk, documents and other items all over Wales.


Our service is free of charge and operates on weekdays for some health board areas and across Wales from 7pm on Friday evening until midnight on Monday morning including bank holidays & even Christmas day!


There will be a bike to inspect and of course any donations would be much appreciated.


Refreshments will be available.


This event has been organised by Clwb Rotari Aberaeron Rotary Club A'r Cylch, your local Rotary Club, at the request of Carrieanne Wilkes from Pennant.


Hope to see you there. Should there be inclement weather another date will be arranged.


6.00pm Friday 1st March, 2024


The St David's Day Cawl Supper Evening, on Friday 1st March will be hosted by Pennant Youth Club with Gill and Denise volunteering to make the Cawl.


The members of the Youth Club have volunteered to organise a fun Bingo session with some unusual and topical prizes.


The meal will consist of Cawl, Welsh Cakes and a hot drink. Cost to members £5.00 and non-members £7.00.


Please let the newsletter editor know if you will be attending by Sunday 25th February on 07967116632 or via


9.30am Sunday 3rd March, 2024


Pennant Youth Club have a First Aid course running all day, 9.30am till 4.30pm on Sunday 3rd March. All places are filled but if anyone wants to attend, if someone drops out, please contact Gill Evans on 07817-099275.


 Pennant Community Centre offers a warm and welcoming space where you can have a coffee on Thursday morning where you can chat, relax, work or play.


All ages welcome. Find a quiet spot to work or enjoy a hot drink with good company.


Bring a child or a grandchild. There are a range of toys for different ages.


There is internet access, books, games, dvds and crafts available.


Accessible services with free access.


Want support with getting on-line? Advice, laptops and internet connection provided.


Just Drop in - Thursday 9.30am to 12.30pm.







In the past we have had requests/enquiries for a Book Club, a Music Club, a Film Club and a monthly dance/disco to be run.


It is possible for all of the above to be run. All that is needed is a contact number for someone who wishes to organise any group/club/activity. As a Pennant community group/club/activity all that would be required is for subs to be collected to pay for room hire. No committee or further organisation required. 


Let us know the time and day and the facilities will be made available


Dates will be confirmed for other events through the coming year: - Live Shows, Village Litter Picks, Exhibitions, Art & Craft Fair, Christmas Fair, Harvest Supper, Cawl Supper Evening, Village Show, Village Treasure Hunt, Community Christmas Dinner and Winter Supper.

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