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(Pennant Unlicensed Brewers Society)

Meetings will be held on the last Thursday of the Month between 7.30pm.

For further details please contact Kingsley Tart on tel. no. 03330-88541

The next meeting will be on 23rd May 2024.


A Pennant ‘Home Brew Group‘  was set up in 2012 with the inaugural meeting being held in May. This was for anyone wishing to produce their own wine, beer or Cider. During the meetings there was the sampling and drinking of the members products.


The Group met on the 3rd Thursday of the Month between 9.00pm and 10.30pm, and changed their name to PUBS (Pennant Unlicensed Brewers Society) and referred to their meetings to be the ‘Thursday Ferret’.


The group has been resurrected and held a meeting on 25th April, 2024. If anyone is interested in this past-time they are very welcome to come along and join in. 



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