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Ukraine Aid




This Support Aid is being co-ordinated at Penparcau Community Hub in Aberystwyth and our contacts are Jenny Jenkins and Phil Westbury.


This is a working partnership with Penparcau Community Hub, Clwb Rotari Aberaeron Rotary Club A'r Cylch and Cymuned Pennant and its allied community groups and members.

Listed below are the things that are now being requested:-


  • If you have any prescription medicines or, other medical supplies, that are not required. This includes first aid kits or first aid supplies. It does not matter if items have expired dates, so long as they are in their wrapping, as they can still save lives;

  • Knitted trauma teddies that are used to raise funds.


Fundraising will now be the main effort to provide money to purchase items locally due to  the reduction in the number of vehicles travelling from the UK


I will update the list of any further items required.


For collection or arrange delivery of items please contact 07967-116632 or email or


These items can make somebodies life a little better.


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