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7.30pm Saturday 3rd June – Film - “Alive Inside” - Alex Holloway. It is a story of hope and most importantly it represents an opportunity to change lives. Dementia and memory loss are becoming one of the major issues facing the world and this film shows that people need not stay isolated, locked out of the mainstream. They are not gone. They can be reached.


7.30pm Tuesday 6th June – Presentation by Aberaeron  Rotary Club on the construction of a network to identify help in our local communities for physical or mental health/well-being. Denetia is the long term aim in identifying support and raising awareness in the local communities.


7.30pm Monday 12th June – ‘Playlist For Life – Presentation by Alex Holloway. Pennant Community Centre is listed as a Playlist for Life Centre. Following on from the film, ‘Alive Inside’, you can discover the benefits of personal playlists and how to connect through music.


7.30pm Tuesday 20th June – Channel 4 TV Documentary – Dementiaville Episode 2. Produced and Directed by Pamela Gordon. 800 000 people in the UK already live with dementia and many more have their lives turned upside down because of the condition. This documents the heart breaking experience of families caring for a loved one with a dementia.


7.30pm Tuesday 27th June - Channel 4 TV Documentary – Dementiaville Episode 3. Produced and Directed by Pamela Gordon.

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