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On 13th March, 2024, an enquiry was made with the Estates Department at Ceredigion County Council with regards to the old bus shelter in the village. This shelter has had no use for some 20+ years as no bus services. The query was as to who owned it and if the Community could make use of it as a facility to make books available, along with plants, food and home grown produce. No items would be sold all would be a free to the community.


I was advised to contact the Community Council to see if they Cymuned Pennant Community Council would confirm they would like to take ownership of the shelter along with all the upkeep including repair, renewal, maintenance, cleaning and public liability insurance of the shelter. This would be the sole responsibility of the Community Council.


I passed the details of this request to the Community Council and it was discussed at their meeting on 8th April, 2024. I was informed that the Council would not support the Communities project and were considering their own project even though before, over many years, there had been no interest in the shelter. In fact the Community Council have had no actual physical involvement in any project in Pennant.


It is good to see that the shelter is being tidied up after the years the community has been doing it. It will be very interesting to see what use is going to be proposed so that the Pennant Community can have their say and agree to any alterations to the structure or to its future use.


Do you have any ideas? Please let newsletter know of what you would like the old shelter used for. It is for all to decide and not the Community Council.


Held on Friday 12th April, 2024


The village litter pick, on Friday 12th April, saw a good turn-out, especially by members and volunteers from Pennant Youth Club.


The rubbish collected was the usual drinks cans, plastic bottles, takeaway containers, sweet and crisp wrappers. Unfortunately this is something that can be seen throughout the year.


We must be thankful that we have some residents in the Village who regularly walking around and in the process collect any rubbish. Thank you for your efforts.


Locally, you can see along the verges and public spaces, the increasing amount of litter and rubbish. It is a shame that people don’t have pride in their area. You very rarely see the Council staff out litter picking and they have never done this in or around our village.


It was in an early newsletter, ‘Caru Cymru’ (Love Wales), a National initiative to eradicate litter and waste. This initiative aims to work with Communities and local authority partners to keep our local environment cleaner and safer.


An appeal was made for anyone in the village who wished to become a litter warden to identify an area that they would keep clear of litter and rubbish. There was only one response. If you would like to offer your assistance please contact the newsletter editor.



Following the presentation on 29th February, 2024, by members of the Aberystwyth Blood Bikes team, the following donations were made.


Cymuned Members & Residents       £140.00

Cymuned Pennant Community          £100.00

Aberaeron Rotary Club                       £100.00

Personal Donation                              £200.00

(Rotarian Ernie Gunner)


The total of £540.00 was much appreciated by the Blood Bikes Team and will be of great assistance in supporting their work in the Community for the NHS.




If you wish to provide a roost for the visiting Swifts register with for a free Swift nesting box.



Prior to COVID the Centre hosted Pennant Ti a Fi Mother & Toddlers Group, on Friday Mornings. When COVID restrictions were lifted, in December 2021, the Group did not recommence and has not met since.


We have toys and play equipment at the Centre and would like to find a person(s) who would be interested in starting another group


Please contact the newsletter editor if you would be interested.




Cymuned Pennant Community Centre website has a new folder named ‘Help & Advice’. This will contain documents relating to heating, insulation and government payments along with assistance with well-being



I would like to pay tribute to two of the founding members of Cymuned Pennant Community, John and Elaine Bradshaw.


Although I am related I can only let you know the facts of what they have done for our Community, and other local communities, since they moved into Pennant in 1983.


John ran his mower, strimmer, chainsaw and basically anything mechanical repair business from his home address at Gerallt. Elaine ran the Gwdihws Nursey at Lampeter University Campus and later worked for Mencap as a support worker for clients wishing to find work.


In the Village they supported events and Elaine was a member of the Pennant Community Group, Llais Pennant, and later became a Community Councillor.


Both John & Elaine joined the Clwb Rotari Aberaeron Rotary Club A’r Cylch and for over 20 years worked hard in supporting groups and fundraising.


Both were founder members of Cymuned Pennant Community, following the closure of Pennant School. They worked hard carrying maintenance works, cutting the grass and making improvements to the building. As Directors and Trustees they assisted in making the Community Centre the best in the area.


Due to ill health they have both had to relinquish their positions but their many years of Service will not be forgotten.



The Member’s Christmas Draw was made at the Pennant Community Christmas Dinner on Sunday 17th December, 2023.


1st Prize: No 24 Sheila Lewis £100.00

2nd Prize No 76 Phil Huckin - £50.00

3rd Prize No 34 Carol Lewis - £20.00


Thank you to all our members for your continued support.



Sales of Poppies at the Community Centre amounted to £22.08.Thank you to everyone that generously donated.


Thank you to Anne McKenzie for the distribution and collection of poppies and collection boxes.


Our District collected £6354.60



If you have anything that you wish to be posted on the Cymuned Facebook page it will require approval so that there are no issues relating to the content. The submission should be factually correct/true and there are no possible breaches of copyright. This situation has been an issue for a number of groups and organisations. You can read some recent local Facebook pages that make many claims, but you are able to establish that the claims and information posted are not factually correct. Social media is not generally a very reliable source as those publishing material put their own opinion and view on things. An example of a local issue, that required intervention, was where factually incorrect information was published on a local Facebook page and was in the process of being shared between other ‘Pages’. The facts were provided to the person who published the information and the entry was removed. Without that an intervention there could have been criminal acts committed or civil proceedings.


Ursula is a volunteer who offered her Services to set up and maintain a Facebook page, for which Cymuned is very grateful. Ursula is the only person with Admin rights but has no legal position or protection within the Cymuned structure. As a result, any decisions to publish material has to be made by a Trustee/Director, in case of any possible repercussions. If you wish for anything to be added to the site you are able to submit them to the Newsletter Editor and the I.T. webmaster which will then be passed on to Ursula.



There would still appear to problems with the postal deliveries in our area.


Phillip Poynor has reported similar issues with no deliveries over two days this week. Also the post is being collected at different times to that shown on the postal boxes. A relief postman has also been making the deliveries, this week, but working the route in the opposite direction to usual.


I have made some enquiries and the issues appear to be effecting a number of areas across the UK.




During the Pennant Youth Club meeting, on Thursday 20th October, Pauline Betts, a First Responder Volunteer with Wales Ambulance Service Trust, attended the meeting with Rhodri Jones, to provide training on the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). There were 21 persons in attendance so there will be more people aware of how to use the two AED Defibrillators in Pennant.


Site of Defibrillators are Pennant Community Centre and Pennant Garage




Following the recent A.G.M. we have two new members on the Management Committee. Gill Evans – Trustee/Director & Denise Yard, who remains as a co-opted member of the team.


We would like to thank them both for their continued support and commitment



The Coffee morning on Thursday 12th October raised £85.00 for the charity. Thank you everyone for your generous donations and to Denise for the excellent cakes.



If you intend to come along to the Food & Film evenings please let the newsletter editor know.


Could you please give at least 48 hours’ notice if  you will require a meal and 24 hours if you intend to watch the film. Thank you




It would appear that the issues relating to the Postal Deliveries to Pennant are still on-going.


If you have had any further issues please let the newsletter editor know so further correspondence can be entered into with Post Office and highlighted to our elected representatives.




Anne McKenzie has highlighted an issue regarding postal deliveries to our village. She became aware that some days, and indeed several successive days there was no postal service in Pennant. Over a few days the postmen told Anne that the postmaster in charge of Aberystwyth sorting office will not provide a substitute postman if one for this area is on leave. As a result several days’ worth of post is required to be delivered on the round, with the comment made by  the Sorting Office Manager that 'No one important lives in Pennant’, and if necessary deliver only parcels leave letters for another day to speed up the round!


Have you noticed issues with mail deliveries, first class letters taking many days to arrive?


The newsletter editor sent a query to Royal Mail asking for some reason or explanation for the issues being experienced. The response is below.


“I’m sorry you haven't received mail for a number of days and can fully understand your concerns. Every item of mail is important to us and we typically pride ourselves on the high level of service we provide, so I’m very sorry we appear to have let you down on this occasion.


I’ve reported this issue to the manager of your local delivery office and recorded the details under reference 230813-000874.


I’ve also checked information on deliveries in your area. I’m sorry, there does appear to be a local issue and we’re working hard to fix it. We’ll deliver all post as soon as we can and I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused while we resolve this issue.


Thanks again for reporting this issue and I hope this resolves your complaint. If you still need help, please visit our Help and Support Centre at”


Rhian Williams

Royal Mail




There are a number of events being advertised around the area using beaches or public spaces.


Be aware, when considering to attend any of these events.  Cymuned has outlined, in their Commercial hire document, that it is in your own interest to ensure that the person running the event is qualified and competent to carry out the training/course, has relevant insurance, DBS checked and has permission(s) or licence, if required, to utilise the venue.


Keeping Our Communities Safe.




There is now a Commercial booking form available for the booking of the Community Centre and its facilities. This relates to businesses hiring the facilities to carry out their ‘trade’ whereby they make an income. The cost, for use by charities, groups or other organisations for a fundraising event, will be assessed on each individual hire.


The hire form includes a requirement for information when training/working with individuals.

This is for details and proof of:-

Any professional qualifications and accreditation;

Professional & Public Liability Insurance; and

Standard or Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check. This may be required if children or vulnerable or elderly adults are involved.


As a Community Centre we feel that we have a duty to ensure that any users are in a safe environment.



The new Sound and Cinema system has been fitted at Cymuned Pennant Community. This should lead to a far better experience with films and greater options of connectivity.


A demonstration of the system, on request, will be available during Coffee mornings.




Over the next few weeks we will be looking for people to help with a ‘Spring Clean’ at your Community Centre.


If anyone feels that they are able to lend a hand the following tasks need to be carried out:


The yard needs cleaning up and moss needs scraping off the surface;


Guttering needs cleaning out;


Windows need cleaning;


White plastics need washing down; and


Plant growth in the stones walls needs removing and cleaning out.


There may be other tasks to tackle on the day.


If you have some spare time and feel that you can help in any way please contact Malcolm Sumner on 07967-116632 or email



Cymuned still continues to prints 80 copies of the monthly newsletter. This has a cost in materials and for delivery along with the time to make deliveries


If you are able to provide an email address, to the newsletter editor, you will not only save the community money you will get your monthly newsletter, updates on crime in the area, any scams and information of  other events that are taking place locally.


As with all information held by Cymuned it is held in the strictest of confidence and will not be released to anyone without your personal authorisation/consent.



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